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If you have questions about your hearing or hearing services and would like answers or advice from an expert, Dr. Giovinazzo is offering personal telehealth consultations, hearing screenings, and comprehensive evaluations – free of charge.

Did you know the benefits of treating a hearing loss include:

  • Increased happiness,
  • Increased confidence,
  • Increased income, and
  • Longer life span

For a limited time, we’re offering telehealth consultations FREE OF CHARGE to listen to your concerns via video or phone call.

Dr. Giovinazzo will ask about your health and history. If Dr. Giovinazzo determines you are a qualified candidate, he will send you our comprehensive online hearing screening. Once you have completed the screening, Dr. Giovinazzo will set up a telehealth conference to discuss your results in depth and create a plan of action with the appropriate next steps based on your results.

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