Hearing Aid Styles

There are many different types of hearing aids, from high powered to nearly invisible.

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Questions on Hearing Aids

With most medical related devices, you may have many questions or concerns.

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Despite advances in digital technology, rumors about hearing aids are still quite persistent. These rumors stem from out-dated hearing devices and faulty prescriptions, but, as with other fields of medicine, audiology has progressed greatly over the years. In fact, hearing aids have come so far that 4 out of 5 users report a significant increase in their quality of life since using hearing aids, and would recommend them to their family and friends. Today’s hearing aids are digital and have the following advantages:

  • Reduction in feedback – Remember that high-pitched squeal from your grandpa’s hearing aid? Gone! Because of difference in the way digital hearing aids process sounds, the annoying squeal has been eliminated.
  • Speech Enhancement – Hear more of what you want to hear! Digital sound processors recognize and enhance speech while reducing background noise. This makes it possible to have conversations in crowded places.
  • Directional Microphones – Equipped with two microphones, sound can be amplified from the direction of the desired source, allowing you to focus on what you’re trying to hear
  • Wind Noise Reduction – Highly beneficial for those who spend a lot of time outdoors by making the sound of wind quieter and more comfortable.
  • Bluetooth Capability – Establishes a wireless connection between your digital hearing aid and Bluetooth compatible devices. Read more about bluetooth.
Young Man Wearing Hearing Aid

For the Young and the Old

Hearing aids aren’t, as some might suggest, a sign of old-age; they’re a sign of humility and a proactive approach to your health. Hearing aids show that you’re doing something about the problem. Instead of waiting around for a change that will never come, hearing aids tell the world that you refuse to let hearing loss slow you down.

Hearing aids enable you to experience life to the fullest. Do you ever feel like you’re missing something when you’re at a party or in a meeting? Much like how glasses and contacts vastly improve your vision, hearing aids vastly improve your hearing. Hearing aids really are ageless and you should not be ashamed to wear them. Be proud and excited to be more involved with the conversations in your life.

Hearing Aid Manufactures

What does hearing loss have in common with D.N.A., fingerprints and snowflakes? They are all unique.

At Audiology & Hearing Associates, because we understand that no two people experience hearing loss in the same way; we know there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution for everyone with hearing impairment.

To find the right solution for your unique needs, we will perform a series of hearing tests to determine if you have hearing loss, the degree and type of hearing loss you have, if hearing aids will benefit you, and which type and style of hearing aid will best suit your needs, your lifestyle and your budget.

The hearing instrument industry is very competitive and manufactures are constantly evolving the technology use in hearing aids. We only carry brands with a reliable and outstanding reputation so ensure your experience with hearing aids is great.