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Our Hearing Conservation Program

Requests from several local businesses looking for advice about their Hearing Conservation programs prompted  Dr. Larry Giovinazzo to began a division of Industrial Testing/Hearing Conservation within his practice in 2009.  Respiratory Fit Testing was added as a service shortly after.

We offer on-site testing for hearing conservation and respiratory fit programs.  Our staff consists of both Doctors of Audiology and technicians certified through the Council for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation.  Combined they possess over 100 years of testing experience.


Hearing Conservation Services


Personal Dosimetry to provide an area, machine or employee specific exposure to noise.


Hearing Conservation Training is available meeting OSHA requirements.


Noise Survey’s to determine who or what areas need to be evaluated to ensure those areas are tested.

Our Mobile Testing

Ohio Hearing has five mobile units capable of each testing 25 – 35 employees per hour. Each unit has a built-in Sound Level Meter (SLM) to measure environmental sounds within the test booth and those originating from outside the mobile unit.  This ensures that the test environment meets and in most cases exceeds OSHA’s permissible noise levels for testing; therefore, guaranteeing accurate testing.

For clients who do not prefer a mobile unit for their testing needs, we also offer portable audiometric sound booths that can be placed within the client’s facility.  These units are made to fit through standard doorways.  Any combination of one to eight can be placed depending on the client’s needs.  A sound level meter (SLM) is also used to ensure that the environment and test results are at optimal accuracy.

In addition, we offer notification letters to employees on the day of testing eliminating the need for employees to complete this OSHA required task.  Custom hearing protection is available fo those who can’t tolerate or find hearing protection that meets their needs.

Ohio Hearing offers great efficiency, cost and flexibility to your onsite needs.  Minimize your employee’s downtime from work and let us handle your Hearing And Respiratory needs.

Respiratory & Pulmonary Services

Pulmonary Function Testing

Who Needs it?

Pulmonary function testing is needed for those who wear respirators, have potentially high excursion positions and have lung issues.

What Does it Assess?

Pulmonary function testing is used to assess an individuals ability to move air in and out of their lungs.

OSHA Questionnaires

Our staff physician assistant is able to review all OSHA Questionnaires and make appropriate recommendations for those who require pulmonary function testing.

Respiratory Testing

Respiratory testing is necessary for anyone who wears a respirator.  It measures the sealing properties of the respirator’s fit to the employees face.


RFT Quantitative

There are two types of Respiratory For Tests (RFT) available.  The first, Quantitative Fit Testing is an objective respiratory measure.


RFT Qualitative

The second type of Respiratory Fit Test (RFT) is a Qualitative Fit Test.  This test is a subjective respiratory measure.


Training & Care

Respirator mask training and care is available onsite.



Ohio Hearing is able to test 8 – 10 employees per hour.

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