Noise, or unwanted sound, is a pervasive occupational health problem. Exposure to high levels of noise can cause hearing loss. The extent of damage depends primarily on the intensity of the noise and the duration of the exposure.

Noise-induced hearing loss can be temporary or permanent. Temporary hearing loss results from short-term exposure to noise, with normal hearing returning after period of rest. Generally, prolonged exposure to high noise levels over a period of time can gradually cause permanent damage.

Did you know that sounds over 85 decibels are considered dangerous to your ears? Common everyday sounds, that you may not even be conscious of, can reach much higher than that and can damage your hearing.

At Audiology & Hearing Associates in Warren, we suggest limiting your exposure to loud sounds and using hearing protection products when you will be exposed for any length of time.

Some of the sounds that may cause hearing loss include that should be limited should be limited in use or used along with hearing protection products:

  • Hair dryers- they can reach up to 92 decibels.
  • Lawn and yard equipment- up to 99 decibels.
  • Aerobics classes- up to 106 decibels.
  • Concerts (any type) – up to 120 decibels.
  • Movies (in the theatre) – up to 104 decibels.
  • Ambulance sirens- reach up 120 decibels.
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In addition to hearing aids, Audiology & Hearing Associates, conveniently located in Warren, Ohio offers hearing protection/noise reduction plugs that can help in the following situations:

  • In loud work environments.
  • For hunting and target shooting.
  • In motor sports.
  • In dentistry.
  • For musicians’.

We also would like to remind you to limit use of ear buds (or head phones) as they can cause damage.

If you think you may already be losing your hearing and live near Warren, Ohio, call on Audiology & Hearing Associates to schedule a hearing evaluation.