At Audiology & Hearing Associates in Warren, Ohio, we offer Assistive listening devices (ALDs) in addition to hearing aids and customized hearing protection products to provide you with complete hearing solutions. Assistive listening devices, or ALDs can improve your quality of life and put your mind at ease.

ALDs serve individuals in a number of different capacities and can be used in conjunction with hearing aids or on their own. ALDs are used in classrooms, places of worship, and now even most movie theatres.

In your home, ALDs can help amplify your telephone, television making TV viewing and com-municating easier. Sound amplification as well vibrations with can be used your alarm clocks and fire alarms, promoting safety and independence.

What is an ALD?

Assistive Listening Devices are used as amplifiers to separate important sounds from the background noise around the wearer. There are three different types:

  • Infrared systems: These transmit sounds using light waves. Because the receiver must be in the transmitter’s line of sight to function properly, the users travel range is limited. Infrared systems are frequently found at movie theaters, conferences, and live performances.
  • Inductive systems or Loop system: These transmit sounds using an electromagnetic field. The speaker uses a special amplifier and microphone that send signals through a loop of wire installed in the listening area. Devices receive the signals and relay them as sound.
  • FM systems: These transmit sounds by radio wave. The speaker wears a compact microphone and transmitter, and the listener has a portable receiver with headphones. FM systems can experience interference, but offer greater mobility.

Different types of Assistive Listening Devices

  • Alert devices: These include alarm clocks, doorbells, phone alerting systems and smoke alarms. They’re designed to provide an alternative notification, such as a light flash or vibration.
  • FM systems and sound amplifiers: A wireless FM system helps you hear what people are saying by cutting out distracting background noise.
  • Hearing aid accessories: Wireless, easy-to-adjust settings and pocket-sized remote controls are just some of the features of our helpful hearing aid accessories.
  • Phones: Staying connected with friends and family is important. Our range of cordless phones and mobile phones with easy-to-read displays will help to ensure you don’t miss any important calls.
  • TV and music devices: Wireless headphones, neck loops and ear hooks provide additional hearing assistance. You can watch TV or listen to music at a volume that suits you without distressing your guests.

Who can use an Assistive Listening Device (ALD)?

ALDs aren’t just for the hard of hearing; they can be used by anyone looking for a volume boost. In America, 19 million adults have some residual hearing that enables them to benefit from the use of assistive listening systems.

Where can I find an ALD?

Located in Warren, Ohio, the office of Audiology and Hearing Associates carries a wide variety of ALDs to fit your needs. Don’t miss out on life’s special sounds. Schedule an appointment today.